Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Felon and False Prophet Ron Weinland Struggling to Maintain Control As Members Leave And Speak Out

Ever since Ron Weinland made his prophecy that failed in 2008, he has been steadily losing members.  The exodus quickly sped up once he was imprisoned for 3 1/2 years and his crazy wife and money laundering daughter took over and started preaching.  Now that the felonious false prophet is out of jail, he has been making the rounds of his dwindling churches.  His latest live broadcast of his sermon only garnered 190 people.

More and more members are exiting and publicly ridiculing the moron.  Here is one such person:

Enough is Enough says:
I have a message for you ronald william miller weinland.
You were, at one time, a darkness surrounding my spiritual life and I now rejoice that your shadow of darkness and evil is no longer in my world. My world is now bright and beautiful since the moment I rejected you and cast you to the ground!! You are a dark and evil element that is destructive to any who come near you.
In my eyes, your life is meaningless and will end in disgrace and failure. You are a liar and deceiver and will pay that price at the end of your pitiful and decaying life. Your time is short weinland!! Your “Great Disappointment of June 9, 2019” is the approaching storm that will end it all for you. As of now, you are naked before the world because of all of your lies and deceit – you are now exposed –
You are a curse to yourself and those you have taken advantage of over the years. Destroyed marriages, financial ruin to innocent people for all of the deceit and lies that you spewed prior to May 2012. And yet you still are lying and stealing from any who will listen to you. You will curse the day of June 9, 2019!!! It will be a day of reckoning for you weinland!!! A day I look forward to and I will see justice for all of the arrogance by you and your twisted wife. My stomach churns at the claim of you two as being the “chosen ones” of these times!! I have a clear view of you and it sicken me to think that the both of you have the gull to claim such a thing!!! The two of are nothing more than human debris. 
The mere though of you and your wife is vomit in my mouth!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Ronald L Dart Evangelistic Association

With all of the recent controversy with the Church of God Big Sandy scandal with the Havirs and others and the recent death of Allie Dart, many COG members were concerned about a possible merger between COGBS and Christian Educational Ministries.  That is not happening, to the relief of many.

The following press release was sent out today:

Press Release
Ronald L Dart Evangelistic Association
August 22, 2017

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new religious entity called The Ronald L. Dart Evangelistic Association (RLDEA).   It is a non-profit 501c3 corporation that is not a church. 
Before Allie Dart (widow of the late Ronald L. Dart) had her cancer surgeries, she arranged for the creation of the RLDEA.  The RLDEA held its first meeting of the board of trustees on June 29, 2017.  At the time of that board meeting, the RLDEA board of trustees was composed of Mrs. Dart, Wes White, Gary Gibbons, and Cathy Gibbons.    
Mrs. Dart, over the last year of her life, decided to use a portion of the assets from her estate to fund RLDEA.  
Mrs. Dart stipulated that the RLDEA’s mission statement should be the preaching of the Gospel by promoting the works of her late husband, Ronald L. Dart.  And, while Mrs. Dart’s will prohibits the assets of her estate from going directly to Christian Educational Ministries (CEM), the mission of the RLDEA allows and encourages this new ministry to assist CEM as long as CEM properly and efficiently promotes Mr. Dart’s works.  
The proposed assistance of the RLDEA can only be to the extent that CEM will allow it.  The directors of the RLDEA have requested a meeting with the leadership of CEM so that together they can explore areas where CEM will permit the RLDEA to assist it. 
The current composition of the RLDEA board of trustees is:
Wes White, president
Gary Gibbons, vice president
Cathy Gibbons, secretary-treasurer

Wes White is currently the president of Dynamic Christian Ministries, a non-profit ministry which already promotes the works of Ron Dart thru his live Friday night show called “Start Our Sabbath.”   He is a graduate of Ambassador College in Pasadena, California where he served on the Ambassador faculty from 1976 to 1981.  His original ordination into the ministry came from United Christian Ministries which, at the time, was headed by the late Ray Wooten. 
The Gibbons are owners of GG Media, a respected, long time advertising agency and production studio in the Tyler area.  Mr. Gibbon’s voice is heard on radio stations across the US.  Since the inception of CEM, GG Media has produced and distributed Mr. Dart’s “Born To Win” radio program and CEM’s Friday night Bible study.  GG Media has also done many gratis services for CEM.  
For more information about the Ronald L. Dart Evangelistic Association, contact Wes White at

Living Church of God: Public Presentation Flops, Income Down, and LCG University Expands To Amazing Numbers

Living Church of God has been spending a considerable amount of money on Tomorrow's World presentations in various cities.  In the latest Weekly Update, Gerald Weston is bragging about the number of people attending their presentations in three cities.  The city names and population estimates are below. 
Binghamton, New York   45,672Charleston, West Virginia  49,138Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada   110,984
LCG had a potential audience of 205,794 people who had the opportunity to come and hear the "good news" about the LCG and how once they join they will be required to pay 30% of their income in tithes, then send in another tithe on the tithe, and to regularly give special offerings and contribute to the building fund or some other emergency fund set up so the elite can do their pet projects.  Ultimately, these presentations are about bringing in new money streams.

So just how many people showed up at these three presentations?
Last Sabbath we held Tomorrow’s World Presentations in Binghamton, New York; Charleston, West Virginia; and Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada; with a combined total of 57 guests and 79 members.
With all of the money spent on cable broadcasting spots, advertising, magazine articles, mailings, and co-worker letters, they were only able to draw in 57 people.   Of those 57, LCG claims some were former WCG members checking out LCG.
We are pleased to see a number of former Worldwide members trying to reconnect with the Church and who are checking us out. There are also a number of brand new people who express great enthusiasm when learning we actually have services nearby.
Let's see how long that "great enthusiasm" lasts as these people find out how much money they will be required to give. 

Next, Gerald Weston talks about the greatest University in the United States, if not the entire world, Living University.  This mind boggling University now has 8 on campus students!  Count them, 8!  Add to that the number of online "students" and you have the most astounding university the world has ever seen!  COG colleges and universities are the BEST!
Living University classes began this past week with approximately 170 online students and eight on-campus students.
Gerald Weston also mentions he just finished the latest member/co-worker letters.  As usual, it is all about money.  Money, money, money!   Can't' discuss Jesus with you, but, "give us your money!" 
I finished a co-worker letter and a letter regarding the fall Holy Day offerings, which you should be receiving shortly. 
One of the reasons Weston is writing about money, again, is that income is not what they want it to be.  As usual, the members are slacking off with their donations.  It seems it was more important for families to have fun over the summer and to save some extra for the Feast vacation time that they have not been sending in as much.  Without that extra money, LCG has not been able to get their "good news" out on as many stations as possible.  God has been standing there holding the door open and they have not been able to enter. Sound familiar?  Blame the brethren!
We have contracted for a new station in New Mexico and are looking at another one in the Tampa, Florida area. Budget limitations hold us back from doing much more.
Weston then ends with at least one encouraging thing for members to consider, and it is going to be a hard one for some LCG members:
On another note, brethren, let us make sure we do not get caught up in the spirit of hatred that is descending on the United States at this time and will become more apparent all over this world in the near future. We are members of the Family of God and must never become distracted from the big picture.—Gerald Weston 

Armstrongism: " wanted it, you took it, you enjoyed it, so why the heck are you complaining now? "

Every once in a while we have Armstrongites pop on here all messed up because people are criticizing different leaders or the church as a whole. They just cannot wrap their brains around the fact that many people were abused in the church and are now not afraid to speak out about their abusers. In their minds, everything has always been rainbows, unicorns, and cotton candy. First century love is the only thing they ever experienced, at least in their minds.

The latest one is from the thread with the memes from a PCG survivor.

What say ye?
Anonymous said...
They say, There are no victims only volunteers. So, stop complaining all of you! You deserve every bit of everything you had ever experienced in Armstrongism. It's not like someone kidnapped you, it's not like it's a human trafficking, you wanted it, you took it, you enjoyed it, so why the heck are you complaining now?
Leopold CM