Saturday, September 23, 2017

After Leaving PCG, Ex Member Almost Debt Free And Close To Buying Home

The feel-good story of the day!  No longer burdened by the unscriptural lie of the demand to tithe and give countless offerings to one of the most perverse and spiritually bankrupt Churches of God's on earth today, an ex-member is close to being debt free and buying his first home.

Almost Financially Free After Exiting PCG:
 September 22, 2017
Ever since I left PCG I am much better off financially. They would say pay your 1st, 2nd and every 3rd year your 3rd tithe and of course the tithe of the tithe before FOT. I was always struggling for money and the "church" was like, well, if you are struggling you are not obeying the tithing law and need to do more. I was at one point considering bankruptcy until I finally left. Now, I am doing much better financially. I have paid down a substantial amount of debt and actually have money in my bank account, unlike when I had to send my tithe money and barely had 2 cents left in the bank. I am getting financially debt free and if I was still paying all those tithes I would likely still be struggling all the time. I could never afford a to buy a home and always rented in part because the PCG seem to frown upon people buying houses due to the "end of days" and all and money should be put towards God's Work and not physical things. Now, I actually believe in a few short months I will be able to buy a home. --Former PCG member   Exit and Support

Friday, September 22, 2017

Are COG Members Being Kidnapped, Held Against Their Will, Mentally Tortured and Deprogrammed?

God's most favorite Chief Pharisee is pulling a "Bob Thiel" today by claiming Church of God members are being intensely persecuted, so much so that some are being kidnapped and are being put in deprogramming programs.

This is what the lying fool Pharisee James Malm posted today:
In our modern society Gods faithful are persecuted everywhere; from being rejected by others, all to often including friends and family, to often being denied employment, but the most vile evil is the hiring of so called counselors to brainwash and try to intimidate people out of their faith.  
Such people prey on people of faith by trying to brainwash them; often using lying threats, holding people against their will and subjecting them to mental torture and psychological tricks; subjecting them to this “therapy of coercion” to get people to give up their beliefs outside their will, for big money of course.  
Can this idiot truly be serious????   It is people of faith being brainwashed by the blatant legalistic LIES of Malm, Thiel, Pack, Flurry, Kubik and others.  These men have all left trails of destruction in their wake as they destroy the spiritual and mental health of tens thousands of members.  Demanding the keeping of New Moons and blowing trumpets is just the tip of the legalistic bullshit these morons force on members.  They cannot talk about Jesus but will sit on their self-righteous asses with telescopes straining to see the faintest crescent of the moon rising.

The lying Pharisee then goes on to claim this is happening to COG members:
Such brainwashing mind control techniques as deprivation, hypnosis, the technique of having several persons take turns bullying and intimidating a person while giving the victim no rest until they collapse, and threats of violence and severe intimidation are used. 
If any COG members are dealing with this now it should be Philadelphia Church of God or Restored Church of God members.  They NEED to be deprogrammed!

I can guarantee you that not one single COG member is being bullied to the point they are ready to collapse.

The lying Pharisee continues:
These wicked men often prey on the vulnerable; young, old, weak, emotional, ill or borderline converted, in order to claim successes so as to make more money.  
Don't forget how the lying Pharisee is also begging for more money from his few hundred followers so that he can be supported instead of getting off his ass and getting a real job.  God forbid!
They are in the business of making money and when one stands up to them they will most often back down; if they persist then seek a remedy, first on your knees before God and then at court.  
Brethren, this vicious kind of attack has been practiced on many people of many different faiths even in our “land of the free”, and when the tribulation comes this will be happening on a much wider scale as the legal protections evaporate.
There are certainly cult deprogramming groups out there that deal with Scientology and others trapped in abusive and spiritually degenerate cults. These people have rescued people from dangerous cults and help guide them back to reality.
The lying Pharisee has these words of advice:
The way to deal with such vile evil is to:
  1. Remember The Seven Pillars of Wisdom and ground yourself fully in every Word of God, so you can resist the attacks of the devil,
  1. Go immediately to God for deliverance,  
  1. Remember that God is vastly wiser and more powerful than these wicked men,
  1. If you receive invitations to counseling by people who are hostile to your faith, respond by saying that you have as much right to worship God according to your conscience as anyone else does, and reject their invitation clearly, unambiguously and firmly, 
  1. Then keep copies of the correspondence or make copies of emails and store them with your lawyer or in a similar safe place, 
  1. Inform them that you have made copies of their correspondence and that you will seek a court order of protection if they continue to bother you, and that you will file criminal charges if you are kidnapped or if any further impingement on your constitutional rights occurs.  How to Defeat Satan's Agents
Spiritually degenerate men like Almost Ordained and arrested Bob Thiel, Chief Pharisee James Malm and others will lie through their teeth in order to make themselves look like martyrs for the crap they preach.  The world is not torturing them or persecuting them for their beliefs.  All they want is more money from their gullible sheep to support them in their "ministries."