Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ron Weinland: Men's Ties Are Cutting Off Circulation To His Followers Brains Causing Them to Not Understand His Sermons

The world will soon be coming to an end. Nuclear war, famine, disease, rampaging armies, drought, slavery and so many more fun things that are constantly waiting around the corner for those in the Church of God.  This is particularly true in Ron Weinland's cult.  He and his kinky second witness wife will soon be transported to Jerusalem where they will proclaim Ron's message to the world where they will then be slaughtered and left to rot for 3 1/2 days in the streets of Jerusalem.

This past week God's most magnificent prophet to ever walk this earth made a declaration that is important for these end times.

It seems that many of the men in his little cult are wearing neckties that are too tight.  These evil tight ties are cutting off circulation to then men's heads so that that they do not pay attention in church.  These poor men are strangling themselves and thus cannot understand Ron's sermons.

Ronald Weinland October 8 2016
“what I’ve been trying to help people to understand during the summer months, when I’m visiting different areas, is that you can honor God by change in some of these things, because this is going to be changed in the Millennium. People aren’t going to be wearing ties around their neck cutting off the blood flow so that you can’t get things out of the sermon like you should be. It’s not natural. It’s not the way it should be. So, anyway, but as a whole, when it’s cold, we’re still going to continue with that tradition until it’s changed at that time. But we’re starting a process now that in the summer months when it’s in its 80’s outside. Just coming back and forth, we have to travel long distances in many cases and just the travel and being in and out of the heat like that can take its wear and tear on people. So again, please feel comfortable in wearing that which is nice, in other words, as far as a short-sleeved shirt if you want, but again, it should be with dress slacks, like with suits.”

Ronald Weinland: still not cutting off the blood flow to his head in this latest sermon (I’m not sure its making a difference) and making sure that he can get things out of the sermon like you should be.
The new enemy of the PKG – Ties! He makes sure we focus on the important things when the world is about to end.   From False Prophet Ron Weinland
Just more proof on how incredibly stupid Armstrongism is becoming.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Pathetic State of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Churches of God

In a recent The Journal News of the Churches of God there is a page dedicated to 227 listed Feast of Tabernacles sites for 2016.   These 227 listed sites are those that agreed to post information in The Journal, many others do not.

Herbert Armstrong could never have imagined that 30 years after his death that hundreds and hundreds of harlot daughter splinter groups would have split off the Worldwide Church of God.  Each of these groups claiming that they and they alone have the "truth."  There are so many versions of the "truth" out there that even their members no longer know what is "true."

Many of these groups are holding simultaneous festival sites in the same cities.  Some cities have five to seven different groups and none of them willing to gather together.  Many prohibit members from attending with other groups and some groups post guards at doors to keep the Laodiceans out.

If the Feast of Tabernacles is supposed to be a "foretaste of the kingdom of God," as many of them believe, then who wants to be part of such a divisive kingdom filled with hundreds of splits?

Hundreds of these groups still believe in the myth of Petra as the final place of training.  Can you image when all of these groups descend upon the country of Jordan at the same time and run towards Petra what a mess it will be when they all try and squeeze through the "narrow gate!"

Imagine Meredith, Thiel, Malm, Pack, Flurry, Kubik and others as they all start arguing over who is the rightful true church and who will be in charge.  Who's doctrines will be enforced? Who will be the unifying super personality?  Bob Thiel? Dave Pack?  Ron Weinland? Gerald Weston? Stevie Flurry?

What an appalling mess!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Living Church of God Building a Cult Compound in Peru For Its Members

From an LCG member:

Living Church of God is working to build a compound in Peru for its church members. Notice that the church is not asking members to not send in any more money.  Two guesses as to why...its cutting into the funds that church member should be sending into he church.  We can't have that now, can we?

Cerro de Pasco is a city that is dying due to a mine that has been collapsing and poisoning the land around the town.

In 2008, Peru’s Congress passed Law No. 29293, calling for the resettlement of the entire population of Cerro de Pasco, a city of 70,000. But as Mr. Orue notes, the Peruvian government failed to devise a process to accomplish that, so the law has largely been ignored. While many residents have resigned themselves to what Mr. Orue calls a “doomed future,” more have succumbed and sold their plots to the Peruvian mining company.  A Mine Erodes An Andean City
Living Church of God writes:
Cerro de Pasco, Peru Relocation Project UpdatePlans for the Cerro de Pasco, Peru emergency relocation are moving ahead! To date, we have received about $265,000 which includes some funds from the Church’s Disaster Relief Fund. Architectural plans have been completed, land acquired, a contractor has been selected and a non-profit entity, “AsociaciĆ³n para el desarrollo integral Villa Esperanza,” has been formed in Peru to receive the funds. Construction will be monitored by our minister, Sr. Aaron Bravo and his son, Maximilano. We expect to see construction beginning soon and we will keep you up to date on the progress! 
Enough funds are now available to build the central hall and some of the houses, and the rest of the houses will be constructed as funds become available. In order to avoid putting an undue financial burden on the rest of the Church, we hope to raise the balance of the funds from sources outside of the Church. More contributions are not needed from LCG members until further notice.

Mario Hernandez: Brethren, we are on the brink of going to Petra! What hurdles do you need to jump in order to get there?

Petra is still alive and well in the Living Church of God, even though they will usually scramble to deny it when you really push them on it.

In the first 5 minutes you will see that the beast power and the united Europe is on the verge of uniting ten nations to force their will on the rest of the world!  "Brethren we are on the brink!"  It is the same load of bullshit that the prophecy nuts in the church have been vomiting out for decades.

Mario is one of the biggest obnoxious jerks that Living Church of God has in its ministry.  No man can be more puffed up at his magnificence than Mario.  He has been this way since his days in Pasadena where he thought was the most educated man that HQ had.  LCG members find Mario to be as boring as Almost Arrested Bob Thiel.  It is amazing how LCG has coddled so many of these foolish men.

Here is a barf bag if you make through the entire 1:20 minute sermon!  Imagine siting through 1:20 minutes listening to this bullshitter.