Monday, October 16, 2017

Dave Pack Deletes His Sermons and Prophecy Timeline

A reader here just notified me that Dave Pack has deleted his 82+ sermon series he has been posting over the last few years.  Apparently, no one is able to understand what he kept posting.  It was confusing for his own members to keep up with and certainly was serving no purpose in drawing in wayward COG members who might stumble upon it.  Plus, he had to keep revising those directly inspired sermons, because his god kept changing its mind and kept giving Dave new understanding on previous revelations.

Dave also deleted his prophetic timeline he had previously posted.  Anyone who has ever been part of the Church of God, for even a few months, knew that his timeline was a load of nonsense.  Just like all of the previous timelines uttered by COG false prophets, his was an epic failure from the start.

COG leaders today never have learned from the failure of previous church leaders.  Instead of keeping their mouths shut, they run off and say incredibly stupid things and then have to backtrack within a few months. Almost ordained Bob Thiel and Chief Pharisee James Malm are two other of the fools out there doing this right now. There has to be a special place in Petra for these buffoons to gather together.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Five Million Hits and Counting!

It is hard to believe that 7 years later I would have 5,000,000 hits on this blog.  That number infuriates so many people who believe we are the tool of Satan.

What started out as a place to showcase the many books in my collection written about the church and Armstrongism, it quickly morphed into the news of the Churches of God after Gavin took a break from Ambassador Watch.

The internet has been the biggest thorn in the side of the Church of God in its entire 80 some year lifespan.  Numerous books were written about the church, but church leaders demanded that members not read dissident or critical literature about the church and the members obeyed.  It was easy to control people with the constant fear of disfellowshipment and the threat of the Lake of Fire.  Before the Internet, church members rarely heard about the corruption and abuse that went on in the church.  It would take months for things to make it through the church.  Now it happens in mere seconds and the ENTIRE world has access.  As Gerald Waterhouse would have said, if he were alive, "the Internet was created for this very thing!"  I count it a privilege that Rod Meredith publicly denounced this blog in church, and in doing so, sent hundreds of LCG members to this site.  Charlotte HQ monitors this site constantly.  The second something is posted about LCG, the Charlotte ip-addresses light up.

None of this would be necessary if the church actually was taking care of its self, held itself accountable and actually was the version of "original Christianity"  it claims to be.  It is a fact that the original church NEVER, I repeat NEVER acted like ANY of the COG's do today in 2017. Adultery, wife swapping, pedophiles, money laundering, theft of tithe money, suicides, stalkers, murders, assassins, plagiarists, con-artists, and more, have been the public face of the Church of God.  That list does not even include the self-appointed prophets, apostles, and wannabe martyrs the church has created over the decades.  Nor does it include over 500 DIFFERENT splinter personality cults created by self-appointed lying false teachers who have ripped apart the spiritual well being of their members.

Hardly a day goes by without some idiot in the Church of God running off at the mouth and saying some absurd thing.  They think they can do it without impunity.  Those days are over.  More and more books are written about the abuses people have suffered in the church.  Films have been produced.  Bloggers and Facebook pages expose the utter corruption of the church. People are no longer afraid to speak up and tell how their lives have been permanently scarred by the lies and abuse in the church.

So hats off to all the Thiel's, Malm's, Weston's, Pack's, Flurry's, Kubik's and others that can't keep their mouths shut and who lie daily to their shrinking band of followers.  You keep us busy, entertained, and many times shocked at the utter stupidity coming out of your mouths.  Keep it up boys!  You are destroying the Church of God all by yourselves.